We have arrived at 3D Print Lyon

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Aerosint's booth at 3D Print Lyon 2022

Don’t hesitate to come and visit us at our booth, place “C02”. It’s always a pleasure to discuss with you !

An exhibition like 3D Print Lyon is a great opportunity for us to get our company on the stage, to meet experts from various industries, to share, exchange, and bring back all the motivation we need to achieve new goals.

We are available to answer all your questions, about our technology, products, materials pairs, researches… Together we can explore new possibilities, expand the use cases, and help you to achieve your project goals.

Stay tuned about the winner of the innovation trophy in which we participate. The results will be announced today, Wednesday, April 6th at 3D Print Lyon !

Compilation of Aerosint's LPBF multimetal printed parts

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