Injection Molding Demo Part

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New Aerosint mold for tooling use cases presented at 3D Print Lyon

Tooling is an industrial use case where we see a lot of potential for multi-material LPBF.

This injection mold demo part is made of maraging steel and a copper alloy. LPBF allows the fabrication of mold parts with complex internal cooling channels for running fluid. On top of this conventional advantage, using multi-material LPBF enables further improvement of the thermal conduction efficiency by adding copper alloy into the wear resistant maraging steel.

Could such bi-metallic designs improve the thermal efficiency of molds ? Having a copper alloy with cooling channels in the mold part, we are convinced it could and we are working to demonstrate it.

Come see this part and many others at our booth next week at 3DprintLyon and France Innovation Plasturgie.

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