Research & Development

Technical feasibility study

You maybe have an idea for multi-material printing but it triggers a lot of technical questions ? Which materials are compatible ? What will the interface look like ? What are the mechanical properties of the resulting part ? Is there really a functional benefit in printing multi-material for my application ?

We are interested to use our materials and 3D printing know-how, our in-house equipment and wide technical network to solve some of your biggest Additive Manufacturing challenges.

Some of our running projects include :

  • Dual-ceramic sintering
  • Metal-ceramic sintering
  • Dual-metal for aesthetic applications

Multi-material requirements go-through

1. Multi-Material Application Idea

All great things start as an idea… You maybe had this idea for a long time but couldn't move it forward because the right multi-material process didn't exist in the market yet ?

Aerosint's technology makes it possible to explore multi-material opportunities in metals and ceramics with various direct (L-PBF) and indirect methods (SPS, Hot press, HIP).

2. Application Requirements

Together we go through your application requirements.

Based on those we can already do a high level assessment of how realistic it is to move this idea forward with the help of Aerosint's technology.

3. Technical Routes

Both direct and indirect can be explored to accomplish the printing of multi-material parts.

The route chosen will mainly depend on the materials in scope, the part geometry and its dimensions.

4. Proof of Concept

Direct sintering can fully be executed in-house.

Indirect sintering projects are executed in collaboration with partners who own the adequate equipment.

The proof of concept can be the starting point for further prototyping by yourself or together with Aerosint.

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