Multi-material L-PBF

The Aerosint recoater is available as a standalone bundle for custom machine integration or as an option to the AconityMIDI+ printer.

Unlock the unlimited possibilities of multi-material Laser Powder Bed Fusion. 

Recoater for L-PBF

The Selective Powder Deposition (SPD) technology developed by Aerosint is an alternative to single material roller or blade recoaters traditionally used in powder
bed processes.

This patented technology selectively deposits multiple powders to form a single layer containing at least two materials.

The rotating powder patterning drums (1 per material) ‘print’ 300 μm powder pixels to form an homogeneous
multi-material powder layer.

SPD is the key achieve multi-material L-PBF. 



Thermal Conductivity

Conformal cooling channels (in: moulds, rocket nozzles, injection nozzles, brake calipers...), heat exchangers, heat sinks, heat pipes


Electrical Conductivity

Battery connectors, satellite power transfer


Wear Resistance

Plain bearings, low friction profiles


Abrasion Resistance

Drillbit inserts, cutting tools


Magnetic Performance

Motors, actuators



Luxury applications (watches, fashion accessories), sports accessories customization



Waves propagation optimization, antennas


Vibration Optimization

Modal optimization of parts


Corrosion Resistance

Chemical reactors, conformal cooling

L-PBF Process Explained


Aerosint’s recoater precisely patterns multi-powder layers. The recoater is an alternative to single material roller or blade recoaters.


After the patterning process, a laser fuses the two or three different powders using optimized laser parameters.


Layer after layer, the process repeats until the part is fully printed.

CuCrZr - 316L Heat Exchangers parts printed on Aconity MIDI+ LPBF printer powered with Aerosint's multi-material recoater

Recoater Specifications

Simultaneous material deposition

Up to 3

Size of deposition area

115 x 180 mm (XY). Z-level is defined by the printer. 

Min. layer thickness at the deposition

80 microns (in process layer height control)

Min. layer thickness when using the leveler

50 microns

Recoating speed

Up to 50 mm/s

Lateral powder pixel resolution

300 micrometer

Integrated powder reservoir

250 mL per drum

Hoppers size

External 1L hoppers (refillable) fixed to the machine cover)

Max operating temperature

80 °C

Recoater size

365 x 364 x 180 mm

Recoater weight

20 kg (without powder)

Electrical cabinet size

640 x 510 x 1310 mm

Electrical cabinet weight

80 kg