Direct pressure-assisted sintering of complex powder structures

At Aerosint we’ve developed the Selective Powder Deposition (SPD), a technology that allows the user to make 2D patterns with multiple powders in any shape or form they desire. Our goal is to empower you with this technology to make materials and parts like none you’ve seen before. One way to achieve this is via direct pressure assisted sintering on multi-material powder constructs.

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How do you recycle the mixed powders ? 

This is (by far) the first question people ask about the Aerosint process. And rightfully… When we print with two metal powders simultaneously, the unfused powder in the process inevitably ends-up being a mix of the two metal powders. Can the excess powder be recycled? Often not, or at least not easily and not fully.

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Use cases for Multi-Metal 3D printing

Use cases for Dual-Metal 3D printing are unlimited and can help companies find solutions to some of their unsolved technical challenges.

Below we share 7 hot potential uses for multi-metal printing along with some inspirational applications.

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