Multi-material Sintering

Automatic die filling machine for multi-material and near net shape sintering. 

Unlock the unlimited possibilities of binder-free sintering. 

Automatic Die Filling Machine

The Aerosint die filling machine allows to stack up to 3 powders precisely in a mold with an internal diameter of up to 100 mm / 4 inches. The powder placement is determined from a digital design defined by the user.

After uploading this file in the controlling software of the machine, the die is automatically filled layer by layer. The die filled with powder can subsequently be sintered using conventional sintering or pressure-assisted sintering methods.

This binder-free technique enables the combination of multiple materials into a multi-material blank or near net shape. This equipment can be used with metal powders, ceramic powders and combinations thereof.



Brake pads, heat sinks for electronics, engine components, conductors/insulators.

Enery & Power

Thermoelectric modules, gas turbine blades.


Hard alloy tools, reinforced cutting tools, sputter targets.

Aerospace & Defense

Magnetic shielding, high temperature ceramic matrix composites, metal matrix for high stiffness.


Multi-layer sandwich structures, functionally graded materials, nanophases, porous materials

Other applications

Luxury applications (watches, fashion accessories), sports accessories customization

Die Filling Machine Specifications

Simultaneous material deposition

Up to 3

Internal mold diameter

Up to 100mm

Min. layer thickness at the deposition

80 microns (in process layer height control)

Min. layer thickness when using the leveler

50 microns

Powder recoating speed

Up to 50 mm/s

Lateral powder pixel resolution

300 micrometer

Integrated powder reservoir

250 mL per drum

Control software and interface

Aerosint control software with integrated touchscreen