Multi-Material 3D Printing by Aerosint

Aerosint invented a unique Selective Powder Deposition (SPD) recoater enabling multi-metal LPBF 3D printing along some other exciting use cases ! 

Selective Powder Deposition

Since its foundation in 2016, Aerosint has been developing a technology called “Selective Powder Deposition“. This technology selectively deposits multiple powders to form a single layer containing at least two materials.

It’s an alternative to single material roller or blade recoaters traditionally used in powder bed fusion processes.

The technology applies to multiple additive manufacturing techniques like Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF), Binder Jetting, and Die Pressing.

Aerosint’s recoater has been integrated in a LPBF system from Aconity 3D GmbH, making it the first commercial multi-metal LPBF printer in the world. 

The printer is today available to research driven organizations for purchasing. 

For more information about the hardware, or for services requests, please go to the contact menu to get in touch with us.

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Use cases for multi-metal printing


Thermal Conductivity

Conformal cooling channels (in: moulds, rocket nozzles, injection nozzles, brake calipers...), heat exchangers, heat sinks, heat pipes


Electrical Conductivity

Battery connectors, satellite power transfer


Wear Resistance

Plain bearings, low friction profiles


Abrasion Resistance

Drillbit inserts, cutting tools


Magnetic Performance

Motors, actuators



Luxury applications (watches, fashion accessories), sports accessories customization



Waves propagation optimization, antennas


Vibration Optimization

Modal optimization of parts


Corrosion Resistance

Chemical reactors, conformal cooling

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Direct pressure-assisted sintering of complex powder structures

At Aerosint we’ve developed the Selective Powder Deposition (SPD), a technology that allows the user to make 2D patterns with multiple powders in any shape or form they desire. Our goal is to empower you with this technology to make materials and parts like none you’ve seen before. One way to achieve this is via direct pressure assisted sintering on multi-material powder constructs.

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