Selective Powder Deposition by Aerosint

Aerosint invented a unique selective Powder Deposition (SPD) recoater enabling multi-metal L-PBF 3D printing along some other exciting use cases! 

The technology

The Aerosint powder recoater consists of patterning drums which selectively deposit fine powder voxels in a line-at-once manner. 

The result is a powder layer composed of more than one powder.


Multi-powder deposition unlocks some very unique use cases in Additive Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy and beyond.

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Products & Services

Dual-Metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) Recoater

Our dual metal recoater can be purchased as on option with the Aconity MIDI+ LPBF system. This printer is the global first commercial multi-metal L-PBF printer.

Reach out to Aerosint or Aconity for more information about the printer.

Technical Feasibility Studies

We gladly support you in your journey towards multi-material additive manufacturing by making our equipments and engineering know-how available to your organization.

Fully independently or together with other research partners we can cover the whole spectrum of a complete application development project.

Dual-Powder Die Filling System for sintering of ceramics and metals

Use Selective Powder Deposition to investigate sintering of ceramics, metals and cermets or combinations thereof!

The platform is aimed at research organizations interested to investigate the benefits of combining selective powder deposition with indirect sintering techniques to produce single or multi-material parts in a binder-free process.


Ask us to print your multi-material prototypes. More and more materials will become available in the future.

Stay tuned or reach out to know more about our materials development roadmap.

Benefits of our Selective Powder Deposition Recoater


Fast multi-powder deposition.

Material Flexibility

Works with wide range of polymers, metals and ceramics.

High Resolution

High resolution and 3-dimensional control over powder voxel placement in powder bed.

On/Off low contact recoater

Alternative recoating method to hard, soft or roller coaters. Precise control over material quantity deposited.

Main use cases for SPD


Aerosint recoater inside AconityMIDI+ process chamber for dual metal L-PBF printing


Aerosint's die filling set-up for indirect sintering of single (or dual) ceramics, metals, cermets and so much more

Multi-Metal L-PBF Printing

Who has never dreamed of printing parts that combine various metals like copper / steel?

Multi-material powder deposition is one of the keys to achieve this.
Possible applications are: Injection mold tooling with high cooling efficiency, high efficiency heat exchangers, bi-metallic wear parts, unique luxury accessories and many more! 

Binderless Printing

Indirect sintering of metal or ceramic parts without binder is made possible by our multi-material recoater. 

Multi-material powder deposition technology can elevate ordinary die-pressing technology to the production of highly customized parts.

Possible applications are: Drillbit inserts and cutting tools with localized abrasion resistant material (cermets), dual ceramic components and many more!


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Dual-Metal L-PBF

Aerosint’s recoater has been integrated in a L-PBF system from Aconity 3D GmbH , making it the first commercial multi-metal L-PBF printer in the world. 

The printer is today available to research driven organizations for purchasing. 

For more information about the hardware, or for services requests, please fill-out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Recent News

Aerosint participates to Win2Wal research project

For the next 4 years Aerosint will participate in a project lead by the CRM Group and UCLouvain – Université catholique de Louvain. The project is a Win2Wal funded project and aims at researching the compatibility of dissimilar metals for multimaterial 3D printing.

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