Multi-material 3D Printing by Aerosint

Aerosint invented a unique Selective Powder Deposition (SPD) recoater enabling multi-metal LPBF 3D printing along some other exciting use cases ! 

Selective Powder Deposition

Since its foundation in 2016, Aerosint has been developing a technology called “Selective Powder Deposition“. This technology selectively deposits multiple powders to form a single layer containing at least two materials.

It’s an alternative to single material roller or blade recoaters traditionally used in powder bed processes.

The technology applies to multiple additive manufacturing techniques like Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)Binder Jetting, and  Pressure Assisted Sintering.

Products & Services

Multi-metal L-PBF

Our multi-metal recoater can be purchased as on option with the AconityMIDI+ and the Schaeffler LPBF printers. Those printers are the first commercial multi-metal L-PBF printers on the market. 

Reach out to Aerosint for more information about the printer. 

Multi-material sintering

The Aerosint die filling machine allows to stack up to 3 powders precisely in a mold with an internal diameter of up to 100 mm.

This binder-free technique enables the combination of multiple materials into a multi-material blank or near net shape.

The process is compatible with metals and ceramics.

Printing Services

Ask us to print your multi-material prototypes. More and more materials will become available in the future. 

Stay tuned or reach out to know more about our materials development roadmap. 

R&D Services

We gladly support you in your journey towards multi-material additive manufacturing by making our equipments and engineering know-how available to your organization.

Fully independently or together with other research partners we can cover the whole spectrum of a complete application development project. 

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