We bring home the trophy of 3D Printing Innovation

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Here are the results of yesterday’s contest at 3D Print Lyon. The Innovation trophy is going to Liège, to reward all our team for years of hard work and dedication. We are very honored to receive such a prize. It will give us a lot of motivation to make our technology grow, to help people achieve their technological ambitions through additive manufacturing.

Thank you to the jury Lionel Ridosz Stéphane Lesprit Tebourski Ramzi Philippe Ferraud and Pierre-Antoine Arrighi for understanding the potential that #multimaterial AM offers !

Congratulations to the other nominees Glassomer GmbH eMotion-Tech Xerox GPAINNOVA | DLyte !

Thank you to MMB VOLUM-e and Julien BERNARD for the design and printing of this beautiful trophy.

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