Aerosint progress update, Autumn 2018

We can print! In our previous articles we discussed some current limitations and issues with AM and explained how a new paradigm shift involving selective powder deposition could address these issues. Those with sharp eyes may have noticed that the results we showed were improved in each subsequent article! The purpose

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How to make cheap, scalable multi-material 3D printing a reality

The trick? Selective deposition of multiple powdered materials. You’ve probably read more than a few tech digest headlines claiming that “this new 3D printer is going to change the world!” It’s a sentiment often parroted by those who are adjacent or completely outside the industry. I think those of us

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The wasteful truth about industrial plastics 3D printing

Large-scale additive manufacturing of polymers with excellent mechanical and thermal properties is surprisingly expensive and wasteful. A multi-powder deposition system could save users $40,000 per build in material costs and make series 3D printing of high performance plastics truly economical. (Image credit: This, Not That) I’ve never gotten around to seeing the

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How multi-powder deposition will transform industrial 3D printing

We need to rethink the technical approach in powder fusion-based additive manufacturing to open up valuable new opportunities and side-step an increasingly competitive market.   Additive manufacturing (AM, also called 3D printing) is quickly becoming recognized as an essential tool for small series part production in a variety of high-value

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