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The part we submitted to this competition was our first 316L-CuCrZr part printed in March this year. Check out the part and the printing of it in the video below.

We share this award with our amazing partner Aconity3D GmbH. They deserve big credit for this award as they designed the printer in which our multi-metal recoater was fitted! The printer is the AconityMIDI+ which is available for purchase with the optional Aerosint’s multi-material recoater. Check it out! It’s an amazing printer with a lot of cool features like multi-scanner capabilities (up to 4!), build space pre-heating, and so much more.

Kudos to all the other 2020 winners as well: University of Toronto, ISINNOVA S.r.l., Royal College of Art, ATLANT 3D Nanosystems, ETH Zürich, nTopology, HEXA Surfboard, Emerging Objects, Urwahn Bikes GmbH, JF Brandon, Cassidy Silbernagel and Printstones GmbH.

More details:

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