About the company

Since the foundation of Aerosint in 2016, we have worked on an alternative powder re-recoating system that, instead of uniformly spreading just one single powder material, selectively deposits two (or more) powders to form a single layer containing two materials. 

We called this technology “Selective Powder Deposition” as it enables full 3-dimensional control over material placement in any powder bed Additive Manufacturing process. 

Selective Powder Deposition unlocks a number of very unique use cases in Additive Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy and beyond. 

Some of our research topics are bi-metallic L-PBF, zero waste SLS or the binderfree printing of ceramics or metals

Aerosint is part of Desktop Metal (NYSE:DM) since June 2021. 

AconityMIDI+ with Aerosint dual metal recoater