Conductivity & Strength combined into a 3D printed metal part.

Print parts combining high conductive CuCrZr (Copper Alloy) and high strength Steel with Aerosint's Multi-Material Laser Powder Bed Fusion process.

Multi-material 3D printing powered by Aerosint

Aerosint invented a powder recoater which selectively deposits fine powder voxels in a line-at-once manner. The result is a powder layer composed of more than one powder.

This technology was integrated into a commercial Laser Powder Bed Fusion system to enable multi-material 3D printing. 

Aerosint is printing bi-metallic parts combining a Copper Alloy (CuCrZr) and Steel (316L, 904L or Maraging Steel). 

CuCrZr - 316L Heat Exchanger part printed on Aconity MIDI+ LPBF printer powered with Aerosint's multi-material recoater

Dual-Metal L-PBF

Aerosint’s recoater has been integrated in a L-PBF system from Aconity 3D GmbH , making it the first commercial multi-metal L-PBF printer in the world. 

The printer is today available to research driven organizations for purchasing. 

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