Our booth at Formnext 2019 is confirmed !

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Our booth-number at Formnext 2019 is 12.0-B81C. Like last year we will be located in the “startup area”. We really look forward to this annual event which is always very productive to establish new business relationships.

Formnext is the leading exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing and all of its upstream and downstream processes.

The show hosts 632 exhibitors and welcomes approximately 26,000 visitors every year on 37,231 square meters of space. Exhibitors are from over 30 different nationalities so this is a truly international event.

Formnext 2018 startup area
Formnext 2018 booth in the startup area

Aerosint won the 2018 Formnext award of the Additive Manufacturing Start-up of the Year. This recognition gave Aerosint an amazing visibility in the industry and was a great boost to establish our first partnerships.

This year we will share some very exciting updates on multi-metal and ceramics. Make sure you visit our booth!

Please reach out if you want to set-up a face to face meeting at Formnext 2019.

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