Aerosint closes 850K € financing round and welcomes Peter Mercelis to its board of directors

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Aerosint closed a new financing round of 850 K€. Historical investors Meusinvest Group and Innovation Fund participated in this second funding round, as did new private investor Peter Mercelis. Mercelis is a co-founder of the Leuven-based company LayerWise, which focuses on metal 3D printing for medical applications and was purchased by 3D Systems in 2014. After his recent investment Peter will joining the board of directors of Aerosint.

Peter brings more than 15 years of experience in 3D printing to the project. We are convinced that his unique expertise and network in 3D printing will open up new doors for the Aerosint technology. Peter has a very strong reputation in the 3D printing industry and we are thrilled to have the chance to work with him.

Edouard Moens, Co-founder and CEO Aerosint

This round of funding will be used to strengthen the existing patent portfolio, finance collaborative development projects, and further advance the technology. Aerosint also aims to double the current team of 6 in the next one to two years to accelerate its development and shorten the time to market.

When I first met the Aerosint team I was immediately convinced by their strength as a group and by the cleverness and robustness of their core technology. What they have achieved with a relatively small team in only 2 years of development is quite impressive. Their technology is a true innovation that opens the door to plenty of very unique opportunities in polymer, metal, and ceramics 3D printing and beyond. At the same time the technology is perfectly compatible with many of the existing printing methods. Technical challenges remain but none that can’t be overcome. I believe the next months are going to be very exciting for the company now that their first full sintering prototype is ready.

Peter Mercelis, investor and director of Aerosint

The Meusinvest Group and Innovation Fund are very happy to support the project.

We believe the project has a lot of potential and a clear economic value in a fast growing industry. Peter Mercelis will be an important addition to the board and will help to accelerate Aerosint’s development.

Marc Foidart, Vice General Director of Meusinvest.

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