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We are the research partner unlocking your innovative Additive Manufacturing R&D projects.

  • As a research-focused organization, are you always on the lookout for innovative Additive Manufacturing processes to further advance your research?
  • Is being the pioneer in testing new technologies part of your organization's mission?
  • Do you work with industry partners demanding AM solutions for breakthrough applications, and you haven't been able to satisfy their needs with existing AM processes?

At Aerosint we invented technology that opens the door to a whole new world of research in Additive Manufacturing.

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Products and Services

Selective Powder Deposition Module

Do you own an R&D powder bed fusion machine  in which you would like to integrate Aerosint’s recoater? Are you experienced in hardware integration? 

Our powder deposition recoater can be integrated in your own research platforms. We provide you with a functional module and controlling software built to your specifications, ready for integration in your research platforms.

Custom R&D Printing Systems

Do you want to do your own research but with a functional standalone R&D platform? 

We can provide you with a printing system that you can use for your own research projects. Reach out to understand what are the options we offer.

At this point we have options for ceramics and metals.

Feasibility Studies

Do you want us to evaluate the feasibility of some of your innovative ideas? 

We have deep process and materials expertise in polymers, metals and ceramics. 

We can help you evaluate the technical feasibility of using powder deposition to achieve your goals. Our existing printing set-ups can also be used to test-print some of your ideas.

European R&D Projects

Are you looking for an experienced R&D partner with very unique expertise to launch joint research projects? 

We have experience in various local and regional R&D funding programs and are always on the lookout for additional projects. 

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