Time to make powder bed multi-material !

Aerosint invented a unique selective powder recoater enabling multimaterial 3D printing.

We enable Multi-Material 3D printing

Powder bed fusion printing processes (like SLS or LPBF) were invented more than 25 years ago as single material printing techniques. Multimaterial has always been wishful thinking. We invented the technology to change that.

Multi-material 3D printing will enable parts optimization and functionalization like no other manufacturing technology will ever be capable of.

Multi-material recoater

Aerosint invented a unique selective powder recoating technology. 

The Aerosint patterning drums selectively deposit fine powder voxels line by line. The result is a powder layer composed of more than one powder ready for sintering. 

Multimaterial 3D printing can be achieved by successively sintering the different powders that compose each layer. 

Specs of our powder recoater


Fast multi-powder deposition.

Material Flexibility

Works with wide range of polymers, metals and ceramics.

High Resolution

High resolution and 3-dimensional control over powder voxel placement in powder bed.

On/Off low contact recoater

Alternative recoating method to hard, soft or roller coaters. Precise control over material quantity deposited.

Multi-powder layer deposition


Here colored PA12 (red) and TPU (white)


Here Titanium (grey powder) and Alumina (white powder)


Here glass (inner cube slightly darker) and Alumina.

We have tested our recoater with a wide range of commercially available polymers, metals and ceramics. Reach out if you want us to test your materials. 

Some of  the use cases of multi-powder layer deposition

Multi-Material Printing

Who has never dreamed of printing parts that combine various materials like copper / steel or PA12 /TPU ? 

Multi-material powder deposition is one of the keys to achieve this.

Possible applications are: Injection mold tooling with high cooling efficiency, custom orthoses with elastomeric materials for skin-contacting point surfaces and many more!  

Zero Waste Printing

High performance polymers printing is extremely wasteful.

The Aerosint multi-powder deposition process places expensive build powder only where needed, and inexpensive, non-fusible support powder everywhere else, virtually eliminating waste of unfused build powder.

Binderless Printing

Indirect sintering of metal or ceramic parts without binder is made possible by our multi-material recoater. 

The recoater stacks layers of object and support powders which are subsequently sintered in a furnace. No binder is used which leads to process efficiency and high parts density. 

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