The Technology

Multipowder dispensing technology

Powder laser sintering technology was invented more than 30 years ago as a single material printing process. At Aerosint we reinvented this technology by giving it multi-material capabilities.

This has been achieved by the invention of a selective powder deposition technology that makes it possible to create successive layers of powder composed of more than one powder (polymers, ceramics, metals). No other commercial technology is today capable of doing this.

Multi-material will create massive opportunities for 3D printing. Just imagine how you could, with Aerosint technology, print rigid prosthetics with localized flexible cushioning for more patient comfort, print optimally shaped batteries with improved capacity for electric cars or even print colorful toys.

We are convinced that multi-material is really what is going to cause this disruption often anticipated but never really achieved by 3D printing so far. Multi-material is going to enable parts optimization and functionalization like no other manufacturing technology will ever be capable of!

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